Konishi was born in Kyoto and started ballet at the age of six.Graduated from Doshisha Univerisity.
With extensive background including her studies abroad in Paris at the age of twenty and a special guest performance at Berlin Komische Oper, Konishi was cast in the starring role in Higaki Ballet Company as well as actively pursuing her career as choreographer in domestic and overseas performances.
Her most notable work include “Mitsuko the black-haired Countess” that depicts the life of Mitsuko Coudenhove which won Grand Prize at the National Arts Festival awarded by Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs. This performance that celebrated the 140 years anniversary of Mitsuko’s birth was held in Vienna in 2014.
At the 50th anniversary of Kyoto-Florence sister city affiliation in 2015, Konishi added splendor to the ceremony by performing the lead role as Margueritte at the tenth overseas performance in Florence.
Konishi made appearances at a workshop class “Here Comes Sofia!” of Kyoto Shinbum in 2008, played the leading role in Kyoto Symphony’s “Orchestra Discovery 2011” in 2011, danced in “The Dying Swan” at the Kyodo Kiyomizu-Dera Temple from 2013, all of which contributes to spread the fans to appreciate ballet.
Award for Best Young Dancer from Japan Ballet Association (1980), Kyoto City Award for Best Young Artist (1991), Matsuyama Ballet Company Foundation’s Art Encouragement Award (2011).

Yukiko Komishi