We are now in the World economic crisis.
I believe now we need art and culture.
With Ballet, with music you need not language.
HIGAKI BALLET COMPNAY, my company, has achieved the cultural exchange in Europe with our own repertoire.

In September 2005, we had successfully performed“Kiyohime” and “Yugao”
under the title of MONDGESCHICHTEN, in Berlin as an official event of Asia-Pacific Week Berlin 2005 and in Halle.
In September 2006, we had performed “TAIKO”, based on Japanese folk tale, in Warsaw and Bytom organised by The Ludvig van Beethoven Association in Poland and had again performed in Halle.
In January 2009 we had again performed“TAIKO” in FrankfurtOder and Erfurt, Germany.
In addition, this company had performed our original piece, Kameliendame in Krakow Opera in Poland January 2010.
We have received international acclaim for creation of original Japanese Ballet, revealing the hidden essence of Japanese psyche and soul.

On behalf of HIGAKI BALLET COMPANY and myself, I would like to extend our activities to all over the world.

With great respects

Miyoko Hgaki
Director representative
March 2010