Higaki Ballet

The company performs classic ballet and also enthusiastically creates uniquely Japanese pieces.

In its home location of Kyoto, the company performed at Kyoto International Music Festival – Ballet Evening (in 1988 and 1993), and Kyoto Symphony Orchestra’s Kyoto Parents’ and Kids’ Concert, Kyoto 21 Count-down Concert, and Orchestra Discovery 2011, to promote arts in its hometown. From 2013, the company has performed at Kyoto Theater located at the JR Kyoto Station, the gateway to Kyoto, and have successfully mobilized audience from all over the nation.

In addition to the strong heritage from its hometown of Kyoto, the company takes pride in its active international exchange. It has invited ballet dancers from Paris Opera Ballet, the Australian Ballet, Die Komische Oper Berlin, and Vienna State Opera Ballet, and delivered a number of performances overseas. Starting from a performance in New Zealand in 1994, the company performed its original pieces entitled Kiyohime and Yugao in Berlin in 2005, marking its debut in Europe. Thereafter, it performed in Europe on numerous occasions, including at the National Theater in Warsaw in 2006, a tour in Germany in 2009, and a performance of Die Kameliendame at Krakow Opera in Poland in January 2010, with the Beethoven Academy Orchestra performing the music.

In June 2014, which marked the 140th anniversary of the birth of Mitsuko Coudenhove, the company performed its original piece, Mitsuko the Black-haired Countess, in Vienna, where Mitsuko lived. In May 2015, the company performed Die Kameliendame at Teatro Verdi in Florence for the 10th time overseas, as a part of the 50th anniversary commemoration of the sister-city agreement between Kyoto and Florence. The company is highly acclaimed for enchanting European audience with its presentation of Japanese ballet Europe-wide.

Mitsuko the Black-haired Countess won the Grand Prix at the FY2014 Art Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan